Monday, December 29, 2014

Starburst Tutorial

New Year's Eve! Sparkly Decorations!!

Got cabin fever? We have the cure! Here's a project that you can do that is relaxing, fun, and beautiful! These starbursts can be used as tree ornaments, table top centerpieces, or something pretty on your shelf.

They are super easy. Here's what you'll need:

+ Small styrofoam ball.
+ Box of pointy toothpicks.
+ White spray paint. We used Krylon high gloss.
+ Gold enamel paint.
+ Small paintbrush.

If you're making these as ornaments for next year, you'll need twine, ribbon, or some sort of string.

1. Start by sticking the toothpicks into the styrofoam ball. No real pattern necessary, just cover it. It goes so quickly, I had to remind myself to stop to take a midway photo!

2. I used a longer wooden skewer to hold these while spray painting, but you can also use string to tie to a toothpick and hang them while painting. You mainly just want to cover the toothpicks. You don't want to get too much spray paint on the styrofoam. It will dissolve it.

3. Cover the toothpicks with the spray paint lightly. I used 2 coats, and on colored toothpicks no less!

4. Allow to dry for 24 hrs or at least overnight.

5. Now the gold! You can also use a copper or silver enamel paint.  Just paint the tips of each toothpick with your metallic. The idea is an ombré dye. They don't need to be the same...

VOILA! I think a tree filled with these ornaments would be pretty fabulous too.

This is also a wonderful project to keep kids busy indoors. The toothpicks are quite easy to put in the styrofoam, and there's really no way to mess it up!

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