Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Make your own Crayons!

Alright, you've seen them before. But I finally got to try them and they're so fun and playful, I had to share!

Here is the easiest tutorial you will find yet:

So you have a crayon stash that looks like this, right? Right.

But did you know it could look like this??...
What you'll need:
1. Old crayons (Crayolas work best)
2. Cute mold that is oven safe at least to 175*

1. Remove crayon wrappings. My 2 & 3 yr old boys LOVE doing this part. Not my favorite. Perfect.

2. Break crayons into pieces small enough to fit in your molds. 

3. Fill molds with crayon pieces. I chose to mix similar colors which made a swirl effect. Very cool. 

4. Bake at 275* F for about 10-12min. Check on them at 10min. If you don't see any lumps, they are done. I found that if I "overbaked" them, they would separate colors in layers more.

*NOTE* Be sure to use silicon baking molds that are oven safe. Some are only safe to 175*. You can still use those, just cook a little longer until the crayon pieces are melted.

Allow to cool fully (at least 15 min) before removing from molds. Silicon are the easiest because you can bend and peel them away from the sides. I have not tried cast iron or metal molds, but people say they just pop out when cool. 

5. Pop out and Enjoy!!

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