Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old Lamp gets a New Light

Give a thrift store lamp a Nautical Makeover!

I'm so in love with how this lamp turned out. I was browsing my local thrift store this morning and found this perfectly simple ceramic lamp for $7!! Well, lucky me, I needed a lamp for my toddler's room. This one was begging for a little TLC. What do you think??

BEFORE, poor little guy

AFTER, set sail!


+ Lamp in need of a makeover
+ Rope
+ Cute Fabric for lamp shade
+ Fabric Glue
+ Hot Glue Gun
+ Some clothespins
+ Twill Tape (optional)

1. With your hot glue gun, apply about 6" of glue at a time, starting at the bottom, preferably where the cord comes out. Stick your rope along the glue line, spiraling up until you are happy with the amount of rope. It's so relaxing and fun, don't forget to stop! I considered roping the whole thing, but I like the eggshell color of the lamp beneath. Red would be so cute too... or yellow... or green!

(I also had to remove the felt bottom and re-thread the center pole to straighten out the lamp. I also had to reshape the lamp shade holder thingies. What do you expect for $7?? Just get your pliers out.)

2. The Lamp Shade:
+ Cut your fabric about 2" wider than the height of the shade so you can fold it over the edges. Then cut it about 2" longer than the circumference.
+ Iron a 1/2" hem on the short edges of the fabric. This will be your finished edges.
+ Using your fabric glue (hot glue gun glue can melt as the lightbulb heats up), apply a line of glue along the seam of your lampshade. Stick the iron-hemmed edge along this seam.
+ Now begin applying glue along the top and bottom edge of your shade, about 4-6" at a time and roll your fabric around the shade, making sure it stays straight, with 1" on the top and bottom edges.
+ Clothespin as you go to hold the fabric in place.
+ When you finish gluing all the way around, glue the other folded edge down on top so you have a nice clean finish.
+ You can either simply trim the excess inside the lampshade, or glue down cording or twill tape. I didn't bother yet, but may go back and add some twill tape.


What a mood this sets! 

Now my little guy "gets aboard his ship" rather than climbing in bed!!

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