Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine: Our Love is Solid as a Rock

Stone Heart Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I love all things hearts. So when we visit the beach, I can't help but pick up any heart-shaped stones I see. Of course my little guys help too so it's a family search!

How about these framed shadow boxes for your loved one? Or even for your little ones' teachers!

You can find heart shaped rocks at your local beach or even in neighbor's rock gardens or gravel parking lots. You'd be surprised how many rocks chip into a heart shape!

For this project I used:1. Scraps of linen fabric2. Hot glue gun for stones4. Tacky glue for fabric3. Square shadow box frame
4. Variety of heart-shaped stones 
To assemble, use tacky glue to glue linen fabric to cardboard frame backing. Allow to dry. Use enough glue that the stones are not too heavy to pull down the fabric.
Arrange stones how you'd like and use hot glue gun to affix. 
Allow to dry completely.
Reassemble mat and frame and Voila!

You could add a little typed message that relates like:
"Our love is a solid as a rock" or " You Rock, Valentine"

For our school valentines last year, see our previous post:
"I Mustache You a Question, Valentine"

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